National Salt Awareness Week – reducing your salt intake through healthy cooking


It’s National Salt Awareness Week! It’s the perfect time to bring awareness to our health and check that we are giving our body the fuel it needs – with as little of the bad stuff as possible.

More often than not, it is the sodium in salt that is the leading cause of high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart disease and strokes. The human body only needs a fraction of salt to keep in line with how much we hydrate throughout the day. Just the salt that is naturally contained in food is enough to get us by daily. Adding too much salt to our meals can therefore be damaging to our health.

We’re sharing our top three tips to reduce your salt intake!

Choose your chicken correctly

One of the most popular curry ingredients is chicken. But something that often slips under the radar is that pre-packaged, flavoured chicken often contains up to four times the amount of added salt than fresh meat prepared at home! 

Purchase high-quality, plain chicken and prepare it yourself at home. You can use a mixture of herbs and spices (including our curry kits) to ensure you’re still getting that lovely aromatic flavour, without those high levels of sodium in your diet. 

You can’t go wrong with fruit and veg

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the simplest way to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to form a healthy, balanced diet. Incorporating them into your meals as much as possible helps you use food that’s as minimally processed as possible. After all, the more processed the food, the more salt that tends to be added along the preservation process. 

In curries – consider celery, onion, garlic, and even fennel and green bell peppers to bring out rich flavours, with no added salt. These ingredients in particular contain natural sodium which can enhance the flavour of your food.

Check your labels

When shopping (especially online), we tend to quickly purchase things without taking into account what they actually contain. Being healthy means being conscious about your food choices and how they might affect you. Not just physically, but mentally as well! 

Our Solution? Simple! Check your labels. You’d be surprised by how much sodium is contained in your foods. It may make deciding what to buy a little longer, but it’s 10 additional seconds to guarantee your healthier lifestyle for years to come. 

How does BANG! Curry help?

With salt being the main ingredient that most people use to flavour their food, many fear that their meals will lack in taste or kick if they reduce the amount of salt they add to their sauce, seasoning or even the water they boil their food in. But have no fear! At BANG! Curry, our 100% natural curry spice kits are packed FULL of flavour – meaning you don’t need to add any extra salt! Simply choose your favourite healthy curry ingredients and whip up a curry dish, perfectly seasoned in just three simple steps.

Gone are the days of compromising flavour for health! If you’re interested in lowering your salt count in an easy and affordable way, you can try your hand at our Keto-friendly Egg Curry Recipe using our Classic Bangla kit. Let’s put the BANG! into your healthy lifestyle!