BANG!’S Favourite Lockdown Recipes

There’s no denying that the pandemic and lockdown have affected every part of our modern life, causing a stop to many jobs, interests and hobbies that we are so used to. Although there have been negative outcomes, one optimistic result that came from this situation is the growth of people rediscovering the joy of home cooking.  Let’s admit it, lockdown has had us all getting creative in our kitchens!

As home cooking becomes a major trend throughout the pandemic, we are so excited to share our favourite lockdown recipes that made our lockdown extra tasty. Try these amazing recipes and thank us later!

These are our favourite lockdown recipes made with BANG! Curry!


Satisfyingly spicy, this dish is a real show-stopper. This recipe is bursting with layers of flavour that will make you feel like you are in curry heaven. And if you are a vegetarian, just simply swap the lamb for aubergine!

This recipe uses our NAGA BANG Kit making it extra tangy, tasty and banging!



This is for all the seafood lovers out there! Our Bengal prawn curry is aromatic and exotic, making it part of our ultimate all-round favourites. It is full of rich flavour and you will love how easy it is to make! It’s the perfect treat for curry nights in lockdown. 

Use our Bengal Bang curry spice kit to recreate this dish at home.



Who doesn’t love samosas, right? Samosas are a popular snack in many parts of the world making it one of our favourite recipes to share! If you’re craving samosas, this one's for you. We love this recipe because it creates an authentic street samosa taste that will make you happy with every single bite.

In this recipe, we used our best-selling Classic Bangla flavour.



Last but definitely not least is our Classic Biryani recipe! This is a real winner in our never-ending list of curry recipes. This recipe is perfect for dinner parties (virtual, of course!) because of its tasty flavour and simplicity. It is a classic statement dish that leaves you wanting more! We love to serve this recipe with some traditional basmati rice or cauliflower rice.

This recipe is made amazing by using our Biryani kit! Try it now to see what we are talking about.


So what do you think of our favourite curry recipe list? Get your hands on our kits to start creating your own tasty creations during lockdown and beyond.

With BANG!, cooking a delicious curry from scratch is as easy as 1-2-3. Our curry kits are low in fat, low in sugar, vegan-friendly and 100% natural. 

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