BANG!’s Mother’s Day gift guide


Forgot Mother’s Day was coming up? Struggling to decide what to get? Well, we’re here to provide you with a few ideas on how to pamper your mother this Mother’s Day! It’s true for most that our mothers are our role models, so let’s give them a reason to kick their feet up and get spoiled. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother or the mum of your friendship group – let's show them how mothers deserve to be treated!


Think outside the (chocolate) box

We know all mums would appreciate the smallest of efforts even if it's flowers or chocolate, but let’s get a little bit more creative! It is said that perfumes are the most popular Mother’s Day gift, and I’m sure anyone would be happy with that, but why not make it a bit more personal?

Consider doing things from a place of love, such baking her favourite cake or creating a personalised photo album with all your favourite photos! One of our favourite creative ideas is to write personal coupons with activities you’re willing to do so she can trade them in at any point. This means the fun doesn’t just end after Mother’s Day! 

If your mum enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen, why not treat her to our apron gift set? Alternatively, our beautiful hamper full of thoughtful tasty treats will be sure to bring a smile to her face!


Different ways of showing your love

Our heart goes out to those who cannot physically spend this day with their mothers or loved ones – perhaps you’re in different locations or current regulations won’t allow you to meet in-person. So...pick up the phone and surprise her with a video call. 

If you are lucky enough to spend this special day with your loved ones, why not spend some quality time cooking? Let’s be honest – nothing beats a fresh home-cooked meal made with love! Quality time is one of the best gifts of all, being able to make memories you’ll cherish forever. Research highlights how cooking together builds connections and allows for a deeper bond between each other. This is the perfect excuse for some authentic Bangladeshi cooking as a lovely activity to do with each other. Even if this is not possible, a hot meal dropped off at the doorstep will be a gesture that will definitely bring her joy.

Whatever you can do to remind your mother how much you love her is what matters most. We hope we’ve provided you with some banging Mother’s Day inspiration.