Kickstart your 2021 with delicious, healthy cooking


This month we’ve been banging on about kickstarting your 2021. But how exactly do you do that? And what's it got to do with curry?! Spoiler alert: we won't be sharing any crazy diets or extreme lifestyle changes. We simply want to help make your year go off with a BANG! Keep reading to uncover real, practical advice to help you live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


Get involved with the magic of scratch cooking

If eating a healthy, balanced diet seems a bit too overwhelming for you, don’t worry. With our curry kits, we’ve taken away all the stress of cooking so that whipping up a flavoursome, healthy meal is as easy as 1-2-3. And that’s no exaggeration! Our 3-step process is a fool-proof way of whipping up a seriously tasty curry. Just grab a curry spice kit, your favourite healthy curry ingredients and get cooking!
If you’re in need of some recipe inspiration, we’ve got a vast selection of recipes right here. Why not give our Bengal Prawn Curry a go? It's an all-round favourite, packed full of vitamins and minerals and is perfect for anyone who appreciates rich and perfectly balances flavours coming together. Plus, it's so easy to whip up.


Have fun in the kitchen, and on your plate

Being healthy doesn’t mean being boring. It can mean quite the opposite! Experimenting with new and exciting ingredients to enhance the overall nutritional content of your dishes can be a highly rewarding challenge. Vegetables are a great place to start, but don’t go for the same old veg you’ve grown to dislike. Have you ever thought of using bitter gourd? It’s delicious and traditionally used in fish curry. How about turnip or beetroot in a vegetarian curry? Or even rhubarb in your dahl?! Have fun with the ingredients you choose – try out new colours, textures and flavours. And have fun with how they look on the plate too! 

If you’re new to cooking, eating healthily or just to making curries – we’ve got just the thing to make your experience even more enjoyable! Check out Spice Mix Vol. 1, our relaxing blend of music to cook along to!


Use the power of the social media to kick your cooking up a notch

With social media being a tool the majority of us use every single day, why not take advantage of it in order to enhance your healthy cooking experience? From health food bloggers, to healthy cooking hashtags and nutritional recipe inspiration and advice – the world of social media holds an abundance of useful cooking resources.

Become your own nutritionist, find specific recipes using whatever ingredients you’ve got in the house or engage in conversations with leading health influencers – the world is truly your oyster on social media! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for banging recipe inspiration.