BANG!’s guide to the ultimate Boxing Day curry feast


As you're probably aware, we're BIG FANS of a Boxing Day curry here at BANG! There's just nothing better than gathering the leftovers of your festive feast to create a drool-worthy, show-stopping, full-of-flavour Boxing Day delight.

They're quick, easy and a fantastic way to make use of leftovers. And did we mention they're seriously, seriously tasty? Keep reading to uncover our guide to the ULTIMATE Boxing Day curry.

Get creative! There’s no one-size-fits-all Boxing Day curry

The only rule of a Boxing Day curry: don’t play by the rules. Christmas dinner looks a little bit different for us all – we have our own traditions, ways of celebrating and favourite foods on the table. It should be the same for your Boxing Day curry! Think of it as a fusion of culinary festive delights, with a spice-packed twist. So what the best Boxing Day curry looks like for you, might not be the same as your friends – and that’s fine! Get creative, put your own spin on it, and most importantly...have fun!

Don’t hold back – it’s still time to celebrate!

A Boxing Day curry means a curry for a special occasion. It means rich, delicious and full of flavour. It means combining your favourite ingredients from the day before and cranking them up a notch. It means you’re still celebrating, so don’t hold back on flavour, pour a glass of your chosen something, and get stuck in!

Turkey is a fantastic base, but fear not if a nut roast is on the cards

If you like to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way, you’ve most likely got a turkey leftover with all the trimmings – brilliant. Turkey is a great meat to use in curries, it soaks up flavour and makes the perfect base. But if a nut roast is on the cards this year – that’s brilliant too! Make the star of yesterday’s feast shine even brighter in today’s show-stopping delight. Experiment with flavours and textures and see what you can come up with! Did you ever think the beef from a leftover Beef Wellington would work in a curry? Us neither, but we’re positive it’ll go down a treat!

Don’t let any ingredient go to waste – the more the better!

Don’t even think about ditching the veg. Your Boxing Day curry should capture the true essence of your Christmas dinner...and then some. If you’d rather keep your simple with a few main ingredients, then pair your side dishes to compliment the curry. Use roast potatoes in a saag aloo, add your cauliflower to a dahl and save the onions for bhajis. We weren’t joking when we said Boxing Day curries were seriously, seriously tasty. 

Make it a banging feast for the whole family

If you’re put off by the thought of a curry because you’ve got children to consider, or people with sensitive-to-spice taste buds – simply adapt the heat levels to accommodate all guests! You could even cook your curry in two batches and turn the heat levels all the way up on one, but keeping them milder on the second. Just make sure you remember which one is which! 

Choose a BANG! Curry spice kit with flavours that tickle your fancy, and away you go. By creating your own delicious curry sauce from scratch with our simple 3-step process and combining your tasty leftovers, you can create a Boxing Day curry that will be sure to go off with a bang!

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