Which curry should you choose – spice, jar or takeaway?


There’s nothing better than a flavour-packed curry crammed full of your favourite ingredients with a spice level that’s exactly to your liking. However, with SO many different options for curries these days it can be overwhelming – especially if you're new to the wonderful world of curry! But FEAR NOT. Choosing a curry doesn't need to be a worry (sorry...we had to). In this blog post, we have broken down THREE of the most popular curry options – spice, jar and takeaway. Happy curry eating! 

The store-cupboard option: curry sauce in a jar

Curry sauce in a jar is an easy option when you’ve run out of inspiration and just want to whip something up quickly. You can choose whatever ingredients you’ve got lying around, cook them with the sauce, and you’ve got yourself a curry.

While it might be a speedy way of getting dinner on the table, curry sauces in a jar are far from authentic – despite what the label might say. Often filled with preservatives for longer shelf life, a packaging process that requires high heat which breaks down ingredients, and filled with salt, sugar and other unwanted additives. With packaged sauces, the flavour is pre-determined so you have to be sure to get exactly the one you’re looking for as they’re difficult to customise.

Curry sauce in a jar is good for: anyone in a hurry, when you’ve run out of fresh ingredients, if you don’t mind having very little input into the flavours and outcome of your chosen dish.

It’s takeaway night: curry from your favourite takeaway

Who doesn’t love a takeaway?! Takeaways are quick, easy and super tasty. Simply call up your local, place your order and wait for it to arrive. What’s not to love? 

While takeaways might be the go-to option when it comes to curries, we recommend keeping takeaway nights to a minimum – perhaps as a treat or for special occasions. Not only are they very unhealthy, they’re far from authentic, so you’re not getting a real taste of proper Bangladeshi or Indian cooking!

A single portion of takeaway curry can contain over 1,000 calories and large quantities of saturated fat, salt and sugar. They are also often enhanced with cream, something that is rarely used in traditional cooking, and can bump up the fat and calorie count by a huge amount. Takeaways also work out to be the most expensive option, with a single curry and rice portion costing upwards of £10.

Takeaways are great for: treats, special occasions, when you’re in the mood to splash out and indulge

The joy of scratch cooking: curry spice kits

With curry spice kits, the dish you create is completely in your hands – literally! From start to finish, you get to choose what goes into your meal, how you cook it, and how the end product will taste. Choosing a spice kit that suits your taste-buds is quick and easy. Plus, spice kits are a much healthier option that curry sauces or takeaways. They also mean your curry will taste authentic, full of flavour AND you get the tremendous feeling of satisfaction knowing you whipped it up yourself!

Much healthier than a takeaway, and much tastier than a curry sauce from a jar. Curry spice kits mean real food, freshly made in your kitchen, just the way you want it! Spice kits are the ideal option for: anyone who wants to create a delicious curry in a hurry, those with specialist diets (you can choose EXACTLY what ingredients will be in your meal), the whole family, curry connoisseurs, first time chefs, healthy food lovers. 

With BANG! Curry spice kits, cooking a delicious curry from scratch is as easy as 1-2-3. Our curry spice kits are low in fat, low in sugar, vegan-friendly and 100% natural. Ready to get your hands on some? Shop our curry kits here, and check out our collection of delicious recipes here