BANG!'s favourite fakeaway recipes for the ultimate curry night in


At BANG!, we are truly passionate about spreading the joy of Bangladeshi curry-making! So ditch the takeaway menu, put away your jar of curry sauce and join us on a journey through culinary delights with results that will be sure to cause a stir in the kitchen.

Bangladeshi cuisine consists of a variety of herbs and spices, fishes and meats, and rices and breads. But it doesn’t just end there. Vibrant flavours make up curries that are packed full of creaminess, spiciness and richness all in one. It’s no wonder that Bangladeshi curries are so popular in Western cultures nowadays. Take a look at the menu for any reputable curry house and you’ll see Dahls, Biryanis and Parathas – often being some of their most popular dishes.

Let’s explore some winning Bangladeshi restaurant-style dishes, so that you can recreate these timeless classics in your own kitchen with ease and, of course, plenty of flavour.


Tangy Bangla Madras

You can’t go wrong with a mouthwatering Madras! Our Tangy Bangla Madras is a hot and spicy curry, full of tangy flavour. Shelly’s top tip is to swap the chicken for turkey for a leaner option that's still packed full of protein! But don’t worry – it’s just as flavoursome. And if you’re on the ketogenic diet, why not try it with Konjac or cauliflower rice? The opportunities are endless!


Mellow Chicken Korma

Looking for something a little more mellow? Our Chicken Korma is creamy, sweet and melts in your mouth – plus, it's mild flavour makes it suitable for the whole family. Serve with flatbreads of your choice for a seriously satisfying meal. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Classic Dhaka Dahl

Craving some comfort food? So are we! Just believe us when we say that our Dhaka Dahl will take you on a journey of traditional cooking where the results are stunning. Our Dhaka Dahl recipe is one from the treasure chest and combines a warm blend of spices to form a magical dish bursting with flavour.

Coconut Prawn Balti

Straight from Nana’s treasure chest, our Coconut Prawn Balti is not only a winner for the whole family but it’s SO easy to make! With the juicy texture of prawns and sweet coconut flavours, you can create an aromatic and exotic dish – perfect for anyone who appreciates rich and perfectly balanced flavours coming together.

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