Share the love this National Siblings day


No one gets on our nerves more than our siblings...yet there’s absolutely no one that we love more than them! But how often do you tell your siblings you love them? Make this National Siblings day extra special and show your loved ones how much you appreciate them (even if it’s your best friend that is like a sibling to you)!


Have some sibling fun

We all love watching a movie or binge-watching a Netflix series with our family but why don’t you partake in an activity to make this day extra special? Take some time today to do some outdoor activities, even if that means a little walk in the park for a picnic. If you can't go to the park, get the board games out and start having some sibling fun! Have a game night by playing some charades, Jenga, or cards and get the whole family participating. 

And if you can’t spend this special day with your siblings why not do a quiz and jump on Zoom? Don’t let anything stop you from sharing sibling love! 


Spread the sibling love!

On this special day, let's share the sibling love through authentic Bangladeshi cooking. Get in the kitchen and start cooking (did you know it’s proven to form and reinforce bonds between people?). You can help teach your younger sibling how it’s done or impress your older sibling. Whatever you do, quality time is the best gift you can ever give someone. 

Get your hands on our gift box for some real, fresh, tasty home cooking – every day of the week! This will allow you to spread the love of cooking with you and your siblings by creating tasty meals and sharing the work between yourselves. Stick some music on, have fun, and get ready to enjoy a delicious meal packed full of flavour that you’ve cooked from scratch.


Ditch the takeaway!

Treat your siblings (and yourself) to our beautiful BANG! Curry hamper for the ultimate curry night in feast and create flavourful meals. Ditch the takeaway menu and enjoy the delicious and tasty dishes this hamper will allow you to create.

If you want to spice up the day and know that you can handle the heat, be sure to dig into Naga Bang – it’s so versatile and can be made with any meat or vegetables. Or if you’re looking for a quick and easy afternoon sibling snack, enjoy Bang Bhajis for a tasty treat packed full of flavour and crunch!

We hope we’ve provided you with some banging National Siblings Day Inspiration,  and whatever you decide to do, we hope your siblings enjoy it!