Your Student Kitchen Guide: 10 Things You MUST Have In Your University Kitchen

Moving to university may be a scary and daunting time, but it will also be the best experience of your life. Whilst your days will be filled with lectures and your nights will be filled with alcohol, you’ll quickly come to realize that your cupboard is light and wallet tight. But don’t worry, BANG! Curry has come to your rescue to provide you with our top 10 cheap and cheerful essentials that every university cupboard should have. 

#1 – Rice 

Whether it be paired with a BANG! Curry sauce, or a stir fry, rice will become one of your go-to carbohydrates. Not only does it have a long shelf-life, it’s filling and extremely cheap, making it a university staple. Even more importantly, it is extremely easy to cook. If you are worried about the time it takes – check out rice steam bags or microwaved rice which will only take you two minutes!

P.S. - it’s even handy when you accidentally drop your phone into water!

#2 – Onion and Garlic

Now, we truly believe that a meal cannot be made great without onion and garlic. These are an absolute staple to any dish and provide heaps of flavour. 


However, if you are worried about the time taken to chop them, buying them already chopped and frozen just makes the process even quicker without losing the taste. You can also buy garlic from a jar, but we don’t think it tastes as nice.

#3 – Chopped Tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes are an essential in your cupboard. They form the foundation of many meals, whether it be pasta, a pizza, or even chilli con carne. You can get a tin for under 40p and they can transform a dish from bland to rich and tasty.

TOP TIP - if you want to make your BANG! Curry Kit richer, just add a can of tinned tomatoes!

#4 – Seasoning

Salt, Pepper, Stock cubes – your gateway to flavour and NECESSITIES to have. Whilst it may seem excessive to splash out on stock cubes, they elevate the flavour of meals, so you don’t just eat to survive, but eat to enjoy. 

We recommend getting a large table salt – some students tend to have sticky fingers when it comes to salt and if you are a pasta lover, salting the water is a key step so make sure you have plenty on hand. More importantly, it is way cheaper than getting a small salt!

#5 – Pasta

Pasta. The official university student meal. Not only is it cheap and cheerful, but it is also absolutely delicious and can be stored for a LONG time. With the endless possibilities of sauces that can be made for pasta, it is not even a question that this should be a staple. 

#6 – Frozen Vegetables 

A balanced diet is very important to both feel your best and work your best. However, short shelf life and the price attached to vegetables can mean that many students feel averse to buying vegetables. However, frozen vegetables are a great budget-friendly alternative to fresh which means you can still get your nutrients and vitamins.

#7 – Tea and Coffee

Do we even need to explain this one? Caffeine will become your best friend. 

#8 – Bread

Now, it may not be the healthiest option but who doesn’t need bread in their life? It is a great meal option, and there are many things you can have it with like beans on toast, on the side of soup, sandwiches etc. More importantly, if your university accommodation comes with a microwave (most do), then freeze your bread to ensure longevity and just whack a slice in the microwave when you need it!

#9 – Tins of beans

Chickpeas, baked beans, kidney beans. Tins of beans are cheap and provide a wrath of possibilities to shake up your university meals. They are great as they are vegan-friendly, cheap and packed with protein. You can add them to your curries, chilli and more! Or if you’re feeling even more adventurous, try and make falafel! 


Finally, we have saved the best until last. Our delicious and inexpensive curry kits are guaranteed to provide you with a fresh, authentic flavour whilst also ensuring that your bank account doesn’t take a hit. More importantly, they can be made in just 30 minutes, so you can be sure to get back to your studies in the nick of time. Why pay for a takeaway when you can get great flavours for a quarter of the price?


So, here is the list of essentials that will help you guide your food experience during your university life. These are definitely worth the initial investment, and as time goes on, you’ll start to build your collection. Remember to start your academic year with a BANG!