This summer is going to be strange. So clinging onto Summer norms like firing up the BBQ has to be the way to go! 
Whether you’re a charcoal purest or a gas fan, we’ve put together some quick and canny tips to spice up your BBQing to the next level...


Marinade with BANG! for the win. 
If you’re cooking a big piece of meat you’ll want to cram it with as much flavour as you can. Here’s the trick; 
Grab two empty cans (or more depending on the size of your joint) and fill them with a marinade of your choice. Then pop the cans on your grill, lay the meat across them and prepare for a kapow of flavour as that marinade works its magic.
When it comes to BBQ marinades, all the BANG! Spice recipe can be mixed with a splash of oil and used to add a bosh of flavour to your meat or veggies, but the aromatic Classic Bang! will deliver a real all round winner.
Kebabs to dream about
BBQ your way to spicy kebabs - BANG! Style. Simply mix your minced ingredient with a pack of Bang + some garlic and ginger! And work into lush kebabs and grill - for an impressive platter.
Mix it UP with Meat alternatives.
BBQs are often thought to be the domain of the carnivore, but simply switching meat for chunky ‘steaks’ of aubergine, cauliflower or halloumi works wonders. As well as absorbing your marinade of choice, thick slices of these ingredients are hearty enough to hold their own against the flames.
TWO EASY CHUTNEY Recipes that bring a Zing.
Barbeques need condiments!  We have brought you two easy recipes that go deliciously with spicy grilled flavours and will keep your guests happy and wanting more! 
Tamarind Chutney twist: 
100ml Natural yoghurt
1-2 tsp tamarind paste (World food aisle, it’s a blackish paste very taute in flavour
A bunch of fresh coriander 
1 fresh chilli 
Blend in a blender with a pinch of salt. 
Tomato Salsa
        Half a can plum tomatoes
        A few sprigs of coriander
        A few sprigs of mint
        Half a lemon 
        Optional: 2 fresh chillies
Blend in a blender with a pinch of salt
Quick clean-up.
Cleaning a BBQ is one of the great chores of summer. But you can side-step the whole grueling business by wiping down your grill with an onion before it’s totally cooled. Simply cut an onion in half and run the flat side over your wire rack. Then clean off the grubby bits with a kitchen towel.