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Bang Curry

Bengal Bang Spice Kit | CASE of 12 - wholesale


 - Fragrant like a Massaman

Cooking a delicious curry with BANG! is as simple as 1, 2 3

Can’t decide what to cook? Short on time? Craving fresh, healthy home cooking? We’ve got you! 

Grab a BANG! Curry kit, your favourite curry ingredients, and whip up a delicious curry in just 3 simple steps. Our curry spice kits are 100% natural, healthy and authentic. Oh, and did we mention they’re award-winning?

With BANG!, you bring your favourite ingredients together with our natural curry spice kits to conjure up proper Bangladeshi dishes. We take the complication out of cooking a tasty curry, so that you can have fun with the process, and be delighted with the outcome. Every single time! 

BANGING TIP: When it comes to your favourite curry house dishes, Bengal Bang is reminiscent of a Massaman curry – full of deep, spicy layers. With a fusion of core Indian and Thai flavours, this curry can be toned down as per instructions with added coconut milk. Use just a small amount of water in the cooking process for a Balti or Bhuna-like curry. Bengal Bang is a Bangladeshi staple that deserves a place on your table. It’s perfect for those who appreciate rich and perfectly balanced flavours coming together

We’ve got an abundance of simple, authentic and seriously delicious recipes on our website. With inspiration for every occasion and to suit all dietary requirements and preferences, you can use our spice kits to create a number of tasty meals.


Bengal Bang Spice Kit | CASE of 12 - wholesale