WE WON- It’s a BANGING month for scratch cooking!


We’re not usually ones to boast, but we’re off to a banging start this month! Not only are we preparing for the launch of something very, very exciting (all to be revealed very, very soon), but we’re the proud winners of the ‘Best Curry Meal Kits Producer UK’ in LUX Life’s Food and Drink Awards. 

“Okay...we get it...you’ve won an award” – we hear you say. And yes, we have. But that’s not why we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating because despite the world being in a state of absolute turmoil at the moment, we’re proud to be recognised for bringing the beauty of scratch cooking to homes in the UK!

So, what’s so great about scratch cooking? And why do we think it’s SO great now, more than ever?

1. Scratch cooking brings people together

 Picture this: it’s a Friday night and instead of reaching for a takeaway menu to order from (after which you’ll turn the TV on and impatiently wait for it to arrive), you pick your sous-chef, reach for a scratch cooking kit and get your hands dirty.  A good meal, like life’s best moments, is better when you throw yourself into it. And while hosting dinner parties might be out of the question during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the whole household together to get stuck in. 


2. Don’t consider yourself a curry connoisseur? No problem

 Scratch cooking doesn’t mean complicated cooking. In fact, it’s far from it. Our scratch cooking kits are for anyone who cooks meals at home: a parent, a partner, a professional, a retiree. Whether cooking for friends, family, other halves or just for themselves. Scratch cooking means food that tastes great (of course). It means food that tastes home-cooked. And it means food that is simple to make, always. You don’t need to be a curry connoisseur to enjoy a scratch cooking curry kit. You just need to be a curry lover.


3. It makes you feel good

Scratch cooking is for home-cooks that need a feel-good spark. Is there anything more satisfying than digging into a meal that seriously packs a punch, knowing you made it yourself? And what about seeing a smile on other people’s faces knowing you put it there? Forget stir-in sauces and tons of plastic wrapping, with scratch cooking you can chop, grate and stir your way to feeling good. And to creating something seriously delicious too.


Are you tempted by scratch cooking yet? BANG! kits will help you create bolder, brighter dinners without the guesswork. Oh, and they’re award winning.

- Classic Bangla: A deeply layered, timeless curry. A guaranteed crowd pleaser that's mellow enough for the whole family.

- Dhaka Dahl: A Bangladeshi Classic that is as old as time, let it take you on a journey of traditional cooking where the results are stunning.

- Naga Bang: The king of curries, this old family recipe is bursting with layers of flavour with a pleasingly spicy bite.


- Or there’s always the BIG BANG! Collection box if you’re ready to get seriously stuck in