Looking after the community

Have you heard of Kitchen Social? They’re a wonderful, warm charity who are doing battle against holiday hunger, and we’re proud to be in their corner.

For children from low-income backgrounds, the school holidays can be tough. The lack of free school meals and teacher support can mean many children have to struggle with hunger and loneliness. Lots of teachers report malnourished children returning to school after the holidays, who have fallen behind the rest of their peers. Too many young people are unable to overcome this huge knock to their learning and their health and so their full potential is snatched away from them.

Providing hot meals during the holidays is one way we’re trying to reverse things. We work with Kitchen Social to run kid-friendly, get-stuck-in cookery classes, to encourage home cooking from a young age. By buying BANG! you’re helping us to support Kitchen Social and their brilliant work, so thank you.