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At Bang Curry we are passionate about good food but appreciate our busy lives leave us little time or energy to prepare it. Bang Curry gets you most of the way by taking care of the complicated spice mixing part leaving the creative cooking to you!

Bang Curry started in Brick Lane of London, nicknamed Bangla Town. Shelly Nuruzzaman, founder of Bang Curry is first generation Bangladeshi born to parents settling from Bangladesh in the 1970's. Bangladeshi life is centred around food and sociable eating, so naturally, Bang Curry recipes have all been developed from family based recipes that have stood the test of time and migration. Each recipe has a story of it's own.

Khulna Korma, Bang Curry's favourite among children is named after Khulna, the region most famous for the Bengal Tiger. Barishal Bang comes from the coastal, green region of Barishal well known for it's fish curry and Dhaka Dahl is named after the bustling capital where Shelly's mum spent most of her childhood.

Bang Curry first started trading in 2013, at a local London farmers market after debuting at the Real Food Festival in the Southbank. Oliver Wholefoods in Kew was the first retailer to stock Bang Curry before the innovative kits reached the ears of Wholefoods Market in 2014. This brought Bang Curry to the health food scene and since then it has moved from trendy London health food stores to the FREE FROM aisles in mainstream supermarkets Morrisons and Booths. Meet the team who are pioneering the scratch cooking curry revolution!



Shelly Nuruzzaman

Scientist, mum of two and seasoned foodie, Shelly created the idea of Bang Curry. Inspired by the sights and sounds of her mother’s kitchen, she began cooking authentic Bangladeshi dishes at an early age.