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Check out @thezestylime’s gorgeous combo!

Hello, rain! 🌧 I know it’s not the ideal summer forecast, but after last week’s heatwave, I don’t mind a bit of rain. ☔️ And what’s better on a rainy day than a warm and comforting bowl of curry! 🥘

I made a super simple red lentil curry using the @bangcurry Classic Bangla spice mix, added to red split lentils • onions & garlic • yellow bell pepper • tinned tomatoes • and fresh spinach. Basically the only veg I had left in my fridge! 😂 And I just couldn’t resist throwing some @tofooco in there as well. 😁 You know I just LOVE my tofu! 😍 I cooked up some @sevenhillswholefoods royal quinoa and a massaged kale salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil • @bionaorganic cider vinegar • lime juice • and a little salt and pepper.

🥗 Such a nourishing bowl of goodness! 💚 Hope you’re having a lovely day! 😘 What’s your favourite rainy day comfort food? 🌧